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Get approved for a mortgage
with bad credit

Any of the following affecting you?

No Need to Worry! We have you COVERED!

Low credit scores

Credit scores from below 500.

Previous Bankrupticies

1 day after discharge!

Consumer proposals

Qualify even if your proposal is not paid yet.

Written off debts

Debts written off but not yet paid.


Debts still in collections but not yet settled.


Yes even debts what are now judgments.

About the services we provide

FREE No Obligation consultation

It all must start with an initial fact gathering session.  This is all done FREE of Charge and with NO Obligation.

Credit review and analysis

Analyse your credit and plan ahead to what needs to be done to make it better at the end of a 1, 2, or 3 year term.

3 year credit repair planning

We set up a unique personally focused credit improvement plan to ensure you qualify next term at better rates!

What Our clients have to say

We have over 30 years of experience working with some of the most difficult borrower credit situations.

Jeya P.

Stouffville, Ontario

Our 2nd mortgage with you. First time you were amazing. This 2nd time proves your professional and expertise is way ahead of banks and other brokerages. Definite thank you again!

Carol Ann F.

Victoria BC.

As a credit challenged borrower I was not sure if things would work well the way you had presented it to us. We are now convinced you know exactly what you are doing and you state things straight and truthfully from the start.

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