B Mortgage Lending

B Mortgage Lending or bad credit mortgages are a welcome to borrowers with credit challenges or those that do not qualify mainstream.

Over the last 12 years, qualifying for a bank mortgage has become more difficult then ever before.
Tighter regulations and tougher qualifying criteria has presented a challenge to borrowers.

These borrowers might not qualify because of high TDS and or GDS.
Credit scores below the minimum required by mainstream lender is also an impediment to qualifying.

What is offered by B Lending?

B Lending offers excellent alternative options.. Pricing is competitive with mainstream lending and much lower than private financing.
Alternative lending has changed the mortgage lending landscape for the better. Whereas before it was either bank financing, or the more expensive, private lending. Alternative mortgage solutions comes with a price that is competitive. As of today, the lowest rate on the B side is 2.54%. The normal range can be between 2.54% to 4.65%. Check our detailed B lending mortgage rates.
Another component to alternative lending pricing is a lender fee which is common. There is a 1% fee of the loan amount added to increase the lending yield. Still, it is a small price to pay considering they will accept the higher lending risk.

Alternative B Lenders
Lenders in this lending space are banks, trust companies, and credit unions. A bad credit mortgage broker is the best source of alternative lending. These brokers are experienced in sub-prime financing and are adapt at putting complicated deals together.
Mortgage brokers also add a brokerage fee for the service they provide. An alternative mortgage is normally structured on a shorter term.  When dealing with a broker be sure they are transparent with you from the start. Different brokers will charge different amounts. 

Alternative B Lending mortgages vs Bank financing

How does an Alternative mortgage compare then to a bank mortgage? Let’s find out.
Assuming a $300,000 mortgage at bank rate of 1.84% compared to a B lending mortgage at 2.99% here is the comparison:
Amount: Rate: Amortization Term Monthly payment$300.000 1.84 25 yrs 1 year $1247.31**$300,000 2.99 25 years 1 year $1418.20**
For a borrower who is unable to qualify on the A side, paying $170.89 more monthly or $2050.68 on the B side would be acceptable. Moreover, if borrower improves his credit status within the year, he may qualify with an A lender. There is also the cost of the 1% lender fee, and whatever a broker may charge for services.

How is pricing determined in Alternative B lending?

Pricing on the alternative B lending side, factors the following:

  • property location
  • credit score
  • TDS and GDS ( stress test)
  • derogatory credit history

Lending Locations

Geographic property location is paramount in Alternative Lending. This is so because if the property is in a non lending location, the other 2 factors, do not factor in.
Location in B lending focuses on major urban areas of population with 100,000 or more. Lending locations may extend to population areas of 50,000. Some B lenders may lend in smaller areas that are within a 50 km radius of a major center. They might reduce the lending values in this case. Likewise, if a property is on well and septic it could reduce the lending percentage. Since higher risks are take on the B lending side, preference is in areas where the real estate market is brisk. This helps if a property needs to sold.

Credit Score

Once lending in a particular location is doable, then credit score is the next factor to examine. Some lenders may have a hard stop at beacon scores below 550 or 500. Others may consider scores below 500 at increased pricing. These lower credit scores are usually on account of current credit issues. At the other extreme are credit scores that are well above 600, 650 or 680. In this case credit is not usually the reason why a borrower need B lending. It is because of higher TDS and GDS ratios. Or, Self employed people who are unable to provide the necessary documents for the A lenders.
Pricing on the B side takes the credit scores into consideration. Recently, we have seen significant lower rates for borrowers having strong beacon scores. Below is an example of a B side rate pricing.


650+ BEACON Beacon 600-649


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