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Annual Family Income

Enter your total gross annual family income. You must be able to prove your income, by one or more of:

The proof required may depend on your specific circumstances.

Minimum: $10,000
Maximum: $1,000,000

Property Tax

Enter your estimated annual property taxes. These are the taxes for local services, as billed directly by your municipality OR added to your monthly mortgage payment. You may find this amount on a property listing, it may be estimated by the builder, or indicated by the local municipality.
If you are pre-qualifying for a mortgage, please estimate the property taxes.

Minimum: $100
Maximum: $50,000


Heat and Condo Fees

Enter your total monthly heating costs and half of any applicable monthly condo/maintenance fees.
Ask your realtor or your builder to obtain the most likely amount for you, if you are not currently occupying the property.
If you are pre-qualifying for a mortgage, please estimate the amount.

Minimum: $20
Maximum: $1,500


Loans/Credit Cards

Enter your minimum monthly payments on loans/credit cards. You should include personal use property lease payments; alimony and any other legally required payments (at this point exclude other mortgages/secured credit lines etc.).

Minimum: $0
Maximum: $5,000


Secondary Financing Payment

Enter the total monthly amount of all existing loans and mortgages that are or will be registered against the property you are financing/buying. For example: a second or third mortgage, a secured line of credit.
Do not include the mortgage you are now qualifying for.

Minimum: $0
Maximum: $5,000


Interest Rate

Enter the interest rate you would like to use for calculating your payment and amortization schedule. Enter the interest rate in a whole number format. For example: 4.56 NOT .0456
Click on the link (view rates) in the calculator to see all our current interest rates.

Minimum: 2.0
Maximum: 25.0