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Private Mortgage Financing


Sometimes what you need is a Private Mortgage!

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Private Mortgage Financing

What is Private Mortgage financing?

Private mortgage financing is our 3rd mortgage solution option.  Private financing is funded by private investors or MIC’s.  The main criteria in private financing is equity and property location.  Credit may not be a deciding factor on pricing.  Pricing is usually a direct result of market forces and yield investors are seeking.

When is a private mortgage a viable option?

1.  Closing must be done quickly.  Private financing usually can fund in few days.

2.  Location might not be doable by the institutional side.  Therefore, a private mortgage is an alternative.

3. Credit is very  poor not acceptable to institutional lenders.

4. Difficult to prove income and or income is either missing or difficult to prove.

5. Home type.  Property  is difficult to finance if it is used as a rooming house.