qualify for a mortgage with bad credit

Qualify for a mortgage with bad credit

Qualify for a mortgage with bad credit?  We will not turn you down. We know good people can have bad credit.  Therefore, we believe that it should not keep you from buying a home, or refinancing your current one.
Would you like to join all you debts into one? How about refinancing and lower your borrowing rate? Are you in arrears on your mortgage or property taxes? How about CRA personal or corporate income tax arrears?
Regardless of your need, the correct down payment or equity improves your  chances to get approved.  If you bring this to the table, you will qualify for a mortgage with bad credit.


What if my credit is excellent?

Your bank may decline you even with excellent credit. You may have high serviceability, or you may be self employed. Self employed borrowers may not have the required income documentation banks ask for.
With over 30 Lenders and over 50 years of experience, we have the tools to approve you for the best mortgage. A mortgage that’s priced right and the terms best suited to your needs. We are certain to find a solution priced especially for you.

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what types of mortgage can I be helped with?
We will qualify you for all types of mortgages including the following:

buy house


Debt consolidation

Spousal buyout

2nd mortgage

equity take out

mortgage arrears

property tax arrears

foreclosure and power of sale

Our service will  help find a mortgage for bad credit borrowers
Still Wondering if you can Qualify?
Credit issues we will deal with:
  • Discharged bankruptcies
  • Paid or unpaid consumer proposals
  • Paid or unpaid collections
  • Current and past late payments
  • Judgments
  • Written off debts
  • Auto repossessions
  • High debt use
  • Too many inquiries
  • No credit
  • No established credit
  • and others

What documents will I need to provide to be approved?

Income documents including recent pay slip, employment letter will be required.  In some situations you may need recent bank statements that show your payroll direct deposit.  Other documents such as T4’s, T5’s, or T4A’s may also be necessary.  If you are self employed you may be asked to provide 3 to 6 months business bank statements.  This will help a lender to support the qualifying income.

Appraisal is a requirement for mortgages with 20% down payment or more.  Once you are approved we will order the appraisal for you, and it is the only upfront cost you will have.

Identification documents are required.  Generally 2 pieces with one having a picture ID.  Health cards are not recognized as legal ID even though they are issued by the government.  Valid passport, driver’s license, birth certificate, and credit cards are the more common one to use.

Alternative or B Mortgage Solutions

Qualifying for an A side mortgage is not as easy as it used to be.  The stress test and the 3% rule can result in a decline even with borrowers with excellent credit scores.
If  this is your situation, no need to despair. 
We specialize in
and alternative B mortgages.
If you have been turned down, Call us or apply on line now.
Foreclosure Bad Credit Mortgages – we can save your home
Is your house getting foreclosed? Are you turned down from getting a loan because your credit is bad? If you are facing foreclosure Chances are you credit is very poor.
We specialize in working with less-than-perfect and bad credit. We can help you check your foreclosure options and get the financing you need. There are only a few basic requirements to qualify.
We help people facing foreclosure every day. Stop foreclosure and get back your peace of mind today!

Our Bad credit mortgage rates

Rates below represent a rate range of pricing for alternative B side mortgages.  The actual rate you are given will be determined by the lender when they assess the risk factor of your application.  The general rule is, the rate is lower with higher credit scores.  Scores that are in the low to mid 500’s are priced at the higher rate range.  Also note that maximum amortization is 30 years.  Terms are often 1, 2, and 3 years.  Some lenders may offer 5 year term also.  As part of the pricing, alternative B lenders ( institutional) levy a 1% lender fee which is deducted from the advance at time of funding.  It is also common to have a broker fee charged on these type of mortgages.  The amount will usually depend on the difficulty of your mortgage and the time taken to place your mortgage successfully.

1 Yearin house pre approval
6.54%-7.19% GET THIS RATE
2 Yearsin house pre approval
6.39%-6.99% GET THIS RATE
3 Yearsin house pre approval
6.09%-6.39% GET THIS RATE
5 Yearsin house pre approval5.84%-6.84%GET THIS RATE
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Guide to our bad credit mortgage rates


Ready to purchase your new home? Response in hours!


Ready to purchase your new home? Response in hours!
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